Rules & Guidelines

The following rules will result in your post being deleted, warning points, and/or a ban! Please read them thoroughly. 
- Do not make more than one account. 
- Do not share your account. 
- Do not bully/harass members. 
- Do not spam. 
- Do not LQ post. 
- Do not "autobump" threads outside of the marketplace. 
- Do not post or discuss black-hat activity. (Fraud, leaking of personal information, etc) 
- Do not offer bump services. 
- Do not post a vouch without sales thread URL. 
- Do not post fake giveaways. 
- Do not sales trash. 
- Do not character evade. 
- Do not mass tag. 
- Do not misuse the report system. 
- Do not use misleading thread titles. 
- Do not excessive bump/spam bump. (bumping more than 10 threads at once causing you to spam the recent/new posts) 
- Do not cross post. 
- Do not proxy sell for banned members. (You can proxy sell for non-members or unbanned members) 
- Do not misuse the reputation system. (Includes asking for rep (You can ask for rep after you've completed a deal), attempting to rep for rep, gang repping, and buying/selling rep) 
- Do not leave invalid reputation.
- Do not advertise "middleman" services on-site (including posts + profile) without being in the trusted, staff or admin usergroup. 
- Do not post tools/programs outside of the tools/programs section. (This includes giveaways) 
- Do not ask for loans. (Includes money/accounts) 
- Do not misuse the vouch system. (Includes asking for and buying/selling vouches) 
- Do not sell your account. 
- Do not ban evade. (If you are banned, create a pardon thread) 
- Do not impersonate members. 
- Do not intentionally try to steal/harm/turbo other members accounts and/or usernames. (Includes off-site accounts/usernames) 
- Do not try to infect members. 
- Do not try to phish members. 
- Do not try to scam/scamming members. 
- Do not post adult/shock content. 
- Do not post racism. 
- Do not try to hack another member. 
- Do not discuss harming servers or it's members. 
- Do not post or sell fake programs. 
- Do not post or sell fake, public or leaked methods/exploits. 
- Do not offer fake services. 

Please be aware of the following! 
- is not responsible for any deals taken place on or off-site. We advise extreme caution in all deals here. 
- Members caught making multiple accounts will result in closed account (all of them), no matter your account! 
- Staff will only assist with deal disputes when sufficient evidence is provided. Although, deals are always at your own risk. 
- Staff will not refund any deal. 
- Do not contact staff directly about a deal dispute. Use the 'deal disputes' section. 

Rules and policies are always applicable to change at any time. 
Last updated: 03/18/2019