German Database ( Also Anime German/Germansubbed) and English


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Dec 31, 2019
If someone is intressted i can offer a German Database for free ( more then 300.000 links Movies/Series/Animes/Docu´s )
I Just offer retail ( no cinema ) just dvd Quality
For All data i have
Title ( in correct langugae )
Season/Episode for Series
90% Imdb Id ( ttxxxxxx )
5% Anidb ( axxxxxx)
3% thetvdb ( tvdbxxxxxx )
2% none ( mostly some docus )

i can add them automaticly via apis/forms whatever you can offer
DB get biger evry day and the bot will send new links automaticly, if your intressted and wanna extent your Database, or if you start a new site and wanna start with a good base, or if you just need a backup hoster if the hosters you have are offline or loading slow cause high demand, im glad to offer you my service.

just pn me if you are intressted. If your just intressted in parts ( English for exemple i have to say that my english Db is not that big for now, but its growing, still need a bit longer caue i verify all links manual and that needs some time )


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Dec 31, 2019
I Updated it for all that they can if they want grap the data themself

I made 2 Options, search by IMDB and Search by Title

search by title
will return all results who are containig avangers
search by ID

available languages currently
de (german)
des (german subbed)
en (english)
ens (english subbed)
if language is empty then the language is not confirmed till now and will be done soon ( for exemple two and a half man spanish will return language empty

use imdb or search not both at once
lang is optional,no lang parameter means return all available languages

you will get
language, (0 if its movie)
season, (0 if its movie)
realimdb ( can be tt234255 imdb, a3225 anidb, tvdb325253 thetvdb id ),
newLink3 (an embedded link for the movie/episode if you want use tit as directlink replace "/embed/" with "/")

i let this now a few days open for testing and trying, but if you wanna use it permanently write me for a apiKey
the apikey cost nothing its just for prevent abuse

This option currently uses StreamZ embedded links, but if you like i can also create you uniqueHosters what will just exist for your site ( you need to have a decent userbase for this but then i will create you a custom player (your style) / your logo / other stuff ) and the links for this host are just visible to you (pn for this)
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