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Jul 18, 2019
I am working on a site that allows people to upload and view videos of episodes of their favorite cancelled soap operas. What makes this a bit different than other pirated movie/TV video sharing sites is that even short-running soaps generate hundreds, if not thousands, of episodes because daytime soaps are aired almost every weekday. In other words, I have intense storage/streaming needs, but am concerned about copyright issues.

I need a reverse proxy, I am told. The script I will be using, ViewShark, can work with S3-compatible storage. Users can upload videos that are stored separately in S3-compatible storage, and visitors can watch the videos streamed from that storage.

My question is can a reverse proxy still work? The script only works with S3-compatible storage, but I need to mask the storage IP behind a reverse proxy. How can I have the script store videos in one place, but hide that storage behind a proxy server?

Is there someone in this group I can pay to help me with this? I have posted this job at Upwork and Freelancer, but I thought I would ask here, too. Thanks.